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Sleep: Tips on How to Get it!

Just like eating and breathing, sleep is a vital process to keep us alive. Also just like breathing and eating, the quality of sleep the general population gets is extremely variable. In our society, our lives are focused on keeping appointments, meeting deadlines, and almost never finding time for ourselves. When we are at our […]

Wait, Isn’t Fruit Good for me?

Throughout most people’s whole lives, everyone has been told to “eat your fruits and vegetables.” If you are a parent, you may even say this to your kids. But fruits and vegetables, from a nutritional standpoint, are completely different from one another. Because of modern advancements, the way people eat fruit has changed. When the […]

Why Functional Medicine Rocks!

When you’re not sleeping well, you’re always congested, having stomach upset, and even feeling down a lot, what do you usually do? Go to your family doctor, have a hopefully ten-minute conversation with them, and then they say, “Okay, here’s a prescription!” and off you go to the pharmacy. But does this approach to modern […]

How to Choose Your Probiotics

Before we get into choosing a probiotic, it’s probably best that we go over what a probiotic is. Well, a probiotic, by definition is a microorganism introduced into the body for its beneficial qualities. There are many beneficial aspects of taking probiotics, such as improved digestive health, immune health, mental (anxiety and stress-related disorders as […]

Detoxing: Is it Time?

Because the term “detox” has become used so ubiquitously that most people just think of it as the next new supplement you can take to lose weight, most people do not truly know what a detox is and what it does to your body. The human body detoxifies itself all the time. If it didn’t, […]