Important Policies

To ensure that you have a pleasant experience at Flourish Integrative Health, please familiarize yourself with our clinic policies.


As a courtesy, Apex Functional Medicineprovides email communication with our clinic staff allowing patients to send short emails between visits. For non-urgent medically related questions, please limit email communication to clarifications of previously discussed issues. These should require a simple answer, such as “yes” or “no.” Please allow up to 3 business days for a response. For more complex and/or urgent questions or requests, please call the clinic. Our staff will determine if your communication requires scheduling an appointment.

Lab Results

Many of the laboratory tests our physicians order are complex and are integral to diagnosing complex conditions. Because of this, lab results will only be discussed with your doctor at office visits. Results will not be available until you have the opportunity to discuss the findings with your doctor.

Supplement Refills

Please notify us via email if your supplements are running low and according to your treatment protocol, you need an additional refill. If you are unclear if you need a refill or not, please email us the details of of the supplement: name and original purchase date. We will return your email communication within 1 business day.

Supplement Returns

Unopened, sealed supplements are accepted as return for clinic credit within 14 days of original purchase.