At Apex Functional Medicine we take great pride in our Functional Medicine services. We are consistently ranked us among the top Functional Medicine providers in the San Francisco Bay Area with a 5 star rating, but don’t take OUR word for it. Hear what our clients have to say in the testimonials below…

My physical health is infinitely better today, as compared to 10 months ago. Granted, I’ve made a few positive changes to my life, what I can say is it was all started after my first week at Flourish. Once I felt more circulation and mobility, I wanted to start moving! It was the beginning of a time of transformation in my lifestyle. This- without a doubt- has been a worthy investment in myself!

Anyra P., San Rafael, CA

Coming into Dr. Scharf’s care has been a catalyst for me to renew a healthy lifestyle. It’s amazing how many different aspects of my life it has shifted for the better. she is remarkably kind and gentle, yet strong and inspiring. Thank you!!

Veronica N., Kentfield, CA

Sarah takes care of my entire family.  I teach Pilates, my husband rides several hundred miles a week and runs ultra marathons.  We have two kids ages 5 and 9.   Sarah keeps us tuned up an also helps us with  a specific injury or illness when we need that. Sarah has managed to accommodate us all wonderfully.  She is super gentle with the kids – really respectful of their individual needs.   The whole family loves a trip to Flourish.

Amy K., San Rafael, CA

I have experienced unexpected benefits from the eleven months of care I have had with Dr. Sarah. I value her opinion and knowledge so much because she is so intuitive and reads my body in a way that educates her ton he level of stress I am under both physically and mentally.

My overall energy no longer suffers drastic highs and lows and somehow within the past 11 months, I have unconsciously cured my addiction to caffeine and my sugar addiction is starting to improve- though that has more to do with willpower than the coffee cravings. My sleep has improved and it’s easier for me to get out of bed in the morning and not feel the need to climb back in for a nap around 4pm. But what has surprised me the most is my improved awareness of my body. I am more sensitive to feeling my imbalances and am more aware the joint and muscle functions and relations. After being under the care of Dr. Sarah my intuition about my own body has improved, and my consciousness of the way I treat it. Also, as a yoga teacher I have become more aware of the muscular structure and imbalances in my students and can thank the influence of Dr. Sarah’s conscious, holistic awareness and approach to health and the body.

Maura T., San Francisco, CA

I cannot possibly recommend Dr. Sarah highly enough for anyone… young/old, sick/healthy, active/passive…  Her treatment will give you a renewed sense of energy, health and focus in your life that you may not have known was attainable.

Michael S., San Francisco, CA