Why Functional Medicine Rocks!

When you’re not sleeping well, you’re always congested, having stomach upset, and even feeling down a lot, what do you usually do? Go to your family doctor, have a hopefully ten-minute conversation with them, and then they say, “Okay, here’s a prescription!” and off you go to the pharmacy. But does this approach to modern medicine actually make anyone better? In actuality, it does not. Some people would even go as far as to say that it makes people less healthy. So, what is functional medicine? And why is it such a good alternative to traditional medicine? In this article, we will go over just that.

Functional Medicine Focuses on You

Simply put, functional medicine is the optimal therapeutic, personalized, and one-on-one relationship that you could have. It is a partnership where patient and doctor work together to figure out the root cause of disease and illness. We develop a usually drug-free, health enhancing plan by not only examining the patient, but also their lifestyle, environment, unique history and any underlying factors that may be causing the patient to feel unwell. Functional medicine absolutely looks at the whole person when determining how to treat instead of just looking at symptoms.

Functional Medicine is Artisanal

The patient experience is anything but conventional with functional medicine. In functional medicine, instead of treating the disease a person has, we treat the person who has the disease. It involves patience, care and time put in by the doctors, because real healing does not happen in a day. It is not uncommon for people in Functional Medicine to spend over an hour with patients, trying to ask questions, examine histories, and try to figure out what is effecting their health and causing disease and illness. By approaching patients in this way, practitioners of functional medicine are able to create treatment plans that people in conventional medicine just are not capable of making.

Functional Medicine Searches for the Cause

Unlike traditional or conventional medicine where you go to the doctor complaining of certain symptoms and are treated for these symptoms, functional medicine takes the person as a whole into account, allowing practitioners to more easily figure out the root dysfunctions or imbalances within the body. Ultimately, finding the causes of these imbalances helps more efficient courses of treatment be created.

You Get the Best of Both Worlds

Functional medicine does not discredit conventional medicine, especially their strengths in crisis and acute care, rather, it combines traditional medicine with other complementary or alternative therapies. Drawing methods of healing from around the world, and paying special care to exercise, nutrition, diet and supplementation, functional medicine allows people to help themselves achieve vitality and sustainable wellness.

Unlike traditional healthcare’s disease care model of medicine, functional medicine is true healthcare that takes a more personal approach to patient health.

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